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The Morganti organization's many years of business experience in the technical articles sector, particularly in the power transmission field, its dynamism and ability to keep ahead of the times, have made the Company a leader in its sector.


Through our branches located in the main industrial areas of Tuscany, which offer a vast warehouse assortment and stock a great number of articles, our staff are instantly able to satisfy any requirement, dealing direct with the customer.


Every year over 7.000 customers turn to our commercial organization, thus confirming their confidence in us; confidence that has been acquired through years of reliable service and competence in the industrial technical products sector.


Our industrial organization, made up of a team of qualified and specialized collaborators, enables us to guarantee a technical service which is always up to date and able to solve all customer requirements.


Our products and the manufacturers we represent are leaders in the sector. Our organization guarantees the quality of the products we market.